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9:9 Wear

How is it possible for a look to be both casual enough for the day but elevated enough for a night out? If you’re confused, fear not, we got your back.

Making the right impression counts, both in our business and private lives. We all want to appear well, and we are, after all, what we wear. Style is all about having a good time, even when you’re at work. 

When it comes to effortless day-to-night dressing, the phrase ‘one and done’ has never applied more. Because our schedules today are pretty chaotic, versatility in what we put on becomes a necessity. 

Whether you’re working from home before heading on a date night or hopping from office to dinner engagement, we have several solutions and choices that are quick and easy to adapt – whatever the occasion. From suit to lounge or from pool to dinner; whatever your lifestyle requires, we have the outfit to suit and a range of combinations to try.

At Megasa, we believe that there are no hard and fast rules as to what to wear. We want to offer you choices that are sensible but also stylish. Having pieces that are 9:9 wear will help you dress better, save time & money, support artisans and shop sustainably. You may be a fashion fanatic or more conservative in your tastes but, whatever your situation, we’re here to help. Our aim is to help you to look and feel fantastic, with no judgment or pressure. 



Our sustainably made tank tops are a cute and fun way to express who you are through your clothing. They are perfect for layering, and can make just about any outfit more unique and casual.



Shirts or blouses are supremely versatile & very sophisticated wardrobe pieces. Our ethically made tops are functional and can be experimented in various ways. They can be paired with summer shorts or winter denim. Can be worn to work, and can also be worn to a casual relaxing weekend day to night. 



A pair of relaxed but also refined trousers are one of the most important foundation pieces in a minimalist wardrobe. Our edit of pleated trousers, bootcut, and parallel are both sensible and stylish and sure to do the trick to keep you warm this fall. 



Look no further than these “elegantly unfussy” dresses. These dresses serve as a timeless source of inspiration when it comes to fashion and minimalism. These looks rebel against what’s shiny and new and focus instead on thoughtful details, fine fabrics, and interesting textures. 



A pantsuit is not just a fundamental piece of every woman's wardrobe, but also the most fashionable statement of the feminist movement. Pant suits aka trouser suits are the new power suits that are a must-have in your wardrobe. Up your fashion game with our pantsuits that are not just a symbol of authority and elegance but are also multi-functional and comfortable.


At Megasa, we know it’s all about how you carry yourself and how you put outfits together that make all the difference. Having said that, with the right accessories and combination of styles and textures, you can easily make your mark. From casual day out to night dinner parties, Megasa can help you to transform your look effortlessly.

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