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Sustainably Chic

Are you struggling every morning to come up with an outfit that you feel comfortable wearing? For some of us, choosing a head to toe look can be difficult, but there is a simple solution: building a capsule wardrobe! 

We know you are guilty of stocking some unworn, low-quality items, but you would like to change that. The road to sustainability in general, looks challenging.

A capsule wardrobe is a mini wardrobe made up of really versatile pieces that you love to wear and are trans-seasonal. A capsule wardrobe or minimalist fashion means having a minimal amount of clothes in your closet that feels right for you and brings joy. It is the antithesis of the modern consumerist narrative and for a cause. In a global marketplace that wants you to consume more and more, minimalism gives voice to ‘Hey! Have you ever thought about intentionally having less?’ Less debt, less clutter, less stress, less stuff!

Being sustainably chic is about finding your style. It is a more mindful and sustainable way to think about clothing. The ethos is to ‘buy less, choose well, make it last’.

Megasa believes in creating awareness among its customers to understand the need to slow down and adopt sustainable consumption patterns. We focus on improving every characteristic of our products' existence and using sustainable resources responsibly. We believe in having a capsule wardrobe that allows you to create a variety of outfits with a small selection of clothes. Well, there's no right or wrong way to start one. 

Let's explore what a capsule wardrobe looks like with our responsibly-made pieces. Own our timeless pieces that you will wear for years, which won't go out of style. There's no right or wrong way to start your own. 


What’s more classic than a shirt? It never looks out of place whether you’re at work, at the bar or running errands.

          Timeless Shirt       

Princess White Shirt                                Timeless Shirt                                        Marsella Bamber Linen Shirt


A “perfect” pair of trousers is a must in any capsule wardrobe. They go with just about everything, they’re comfortable, they’re flattering, and they can be dressed up or down.


Blue Pleated Pants                                  Classic Beige Pants                    Denim Stitch Natural Pants


We all have occasions when a dress is necessary, so that is why it makes the capsule wardrobe essentials list. 


Babydoll Pink Dress                           Classic White Ruffle Dress                 Floral Kaftan Dress


A hybrid of a jacket and a dress, ideal for transitional weather as well as layering. 


Pink Shirt Dress                                                     Timeless Jacket Dress


Think cool, yet professional. A structured jacket is so versatile — you can layer it over a basic tee for a stylish, casual look, or over your button-up blouse for a polished, professional look.


Wing Collar Knot Jacket                                         Classic Beige Jacket


Tank Tops are comfortable and so versatile. There’s almost nothing in your closet that wouldn’t go with a tank top. Wear it on the weekend with an easy short, pair it with some trousers and a sweater for running errands, or layer a blazer over it for work.


Basic Crop Top                                                  Cracked Line Knot Crop Top

The key to a good capsule is that all (or most) of the items can be styled together to create different looks for different occasions. With a perfect capsule you can get dressed with style in the dark and not have to replace items for many years.

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