The collection is designed using the famous traditional Dabu printing technique which is also know as resist printing. Families in Bagru ( near Jaipur ) still practice the art of making this fabric to keep the traditional heritage alive.

Dabu printing is a painstaking and a labour intensive process. The fabric is first received from the mills and washed to clear off surface impurities. The blocks are then dipped in natural dyes and meticulously hand printed on a plain fabric. The next step is to prepare mud resist mixture that's made with gum, lime and white chaff, this mixture is applied to the fabric and sprinkled with saw dust (so the fabric will not stick to itself), and laid to dry in the sun. Post drying, the fabric is dipped in a vat of dye.

Finally the fabric is washed to remove all traces of the dabu mud, and revealing the resist area to be the original white (or other colors depending on how many times the fabric was dabu printed). The fabric is again dried in the sun.

This fabric has minor bleeding properties, and therefore we advise that you hand wash it separately for the first few washes.