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Riya Sewani

This is my very first order through site, and I am totally and completely satisfied! The fit is great and so are the prices. I will definitely return again and again...

Priyanshi Sharma

I love the clothes from this website!! I am so glad I found them.....everything has been spot on, fits wonderfully, styles are trendy and lots to choose from!! Thanks for being here for us!!!

Palak Parihar

Just received my order & am thrilled with everything I purchased! and the shipping was awesome it took 3 days best yet! i will shop again thanks you.

Akrity Singh

I love the feel of the fabric, it’s so nice to your skin. I gett complements on my clothes ll the time thanks to you. The layer look is great even in the summer.

Material & Techniques Used

All our products are made with eco friendly textiles using traditional
natural techniques of printing and dyeing which meet the needs of environmental standards that are meant to be worn over and over again. We use fabric made with care which leaves zero carbon footprint and requires less water.

All the garments are constructed using GOTs , FSC certified and BSI approved fabrics. All our colors are extracted from nature ( maddar root, indigo, turmuric, kashish etc.)

Our Reflections & Measures

MEGASA is convinced that the planet is facing a crucial moment and it is urgent to take action NOW!

What we do is not enough, how we do it, YES! Sustainability, quality and timeless design are part of Megasa's system as a sign of durability and responsibility. Chasing the latest trend is not one of our goals. We believe that good design does not seem old or new, it is simply a bridge between the past and the future.

We do not support overproduction to have stock, it generates garbage and the planet's natural resources are not infinite.